Meraki Ventures

IT Development & Software Testing

We have a team of passionate software developers & software testers having niche & vanilla skills who can offer valuable business solutions and help you enhance your tech needs. 

IT Development

We offer tailor-made technology solutions to our clients, working on a project basis according to their specific requirements. Our expertise lies in product development & providing services for Web Applications and mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Our process involves various stages, including planning, design, implementation, stabilization, and delivery of the product or service. 

Software Testing

Quality assurance is a priority, and we maintain standard operating procedures to meet quality requirements. We have a team of software testers that are devout about quality. We offer expert feedback, scalability, and flexibility to enhance your products and services. With our consistent QA support, we ensure a seamless end-user experience across all customer touchpoints. Our quality testing services aim to meet user expectations and requirements, providing thorough QA and testing to deliver high-quality software within tight deadlines. Our QA team  are involved from the early stages of product development, ensuring nothing is overlooked and your product meets the agreed acceptance criteria. Our comprehensive approach includes planning, design, implementation, stabilization, and product/service delivery.
We provide comprehensive testing services for web, desktop, and mobile applications to ensure highest quality standards which includes:  
  • Manual Testing: Functional & Non Functional 
  • Automation Testing 
  • Performance Testing: Load testing, stress testing, endurance testing. 
  • Mobile Application Testing 
  • API Testing 
Why Outsource Software Testing? 
Outsourcing testing to a dedicated QA team enhances productivity and improves product quality. It frees up internal resources for core business activities, while skilled QA engineers handle time-consuming tasks. This approach ensures thorough evaluation and issue resolution, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, leveraging an offshore QA team multiplies business success by accessing global talent, new perspectives, and strategies. In summary, outsourcing QA testing offers short-term productivity gains, long-term benefits, and high-quality software. 

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